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Local Residency Registration

The process of obtaining local residency registration

o What is the tax code, why you need it and how to obtain it

Health Care

● Public

● Private

● Dental care

● Vision

● Cosmetic

Real Estate

● Rent

● Purchase

● 1EUR Program

● Advisers in real estate

Schools in Italy

● Schools

○ Public

○ Private

● Primary school

● Lower Secondary (Middle) School

● Upper Secondary (High) School

● Technical and Professional Institutes

● University

● International Schools

● Language schools


● Differences between a temporary and a permanent residence permit

● Residence permit types

o Residence permit for the Elective Residency Visa.

o Residence permit for work

o Residence permit for highly specialized workers (EU Blue Card)

o Residence permit for study

o Residence permit for family reunification:

 Visa – a prerequisite to successfully apply for an Italian residence permit

o Elective Residence Visa

o Work Visa

– Salaried employment visa

– The EU Blue Card Visa

– Self – employment Visa

o Golden Visa also known as Investor Visa

o Start-up Visa

o Student Visa

o Family Reunion Visa