How We Can Help

You've decided Italy is your next home/destination, and you would like professional guidance and support to make your planning go as smoothly as possible.

We are here to assist you with the following processes:

Requests for issuance of an Italian residence permit.

Requests for conversion of a residence permit issued by another EU member state to an Italian residence permit.

Obtaining Italian citizenship via a judicial procedure ( through maternal descent or paternal descent).

Obtaining Italian citizenship via administrative procedure.

Obtaining Italian citizenship through marriage and residency period.

Assistance with participation in Italian real estate auctions (buy properties below market value up to 50%).

Consultation for rental/purchase of an Italian property.

Drafting contracts for rental/purchase of an Italian property

Request for issuance of an Italian ID (carta d’identita) , Tax Code (codice fiscale), and Health Insurance Card (tessera sanitaria).