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Sindi Lacej Italive

Sindi Lacej

In collaboration with West Law Firm

Sindi Lacej attended the University of Florence, graduating magna cum laude with a  Master of Science degree in Law. She currently works in a law firm in Florence as a paralegal.

As a non-EU citizen, she has had to personally face the perplexities and challenges of  Italian bureaucracy, since the beginning of her studies in Florence.  

"Every time I visited migration, I had to stand in a queue for hours to get each answer about which documents to submit, or the progress of my application, or just to get the simplest information, taking precious time away from my studies. During this time, I  imagined how wonderful it would have been to have someone that could guide me through the whole process."

Being multilingual (speaking English, Italian, Spanish and Albanian) gives Sindi the possibility to have a deeper understanding of the international situation and the needs of her clients.  She enjoys tailoring solutions for each person, making them feel more at home.

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Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Tuscany, Italy

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